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healthcare for individuals, families and employers.

Individuals. Families.

Not having medical insurance has never been more convenient.

Calypso Concierge Medical consists of family practice clinics that bypass the traditional costly healthcare system and offer individuals and their families the opportunity to receive medical care at an in-reach price point. Unlike urgent care clinics, Calypso Concierge Medical is modeled to provide long-term preventative, personalized care and chronic illness management in addition to the treatment of acute illnesses and short-term medical needs. And true to the concierge model, all services are rendered without long waits or other typical inconveniences. The monthly membership fee is the same each month and always includes many routine labs, exams and diagnostics. Office visits never require a co-pay. Consistent membership is required for continued care, but you can cancel anytime without penalty.


Employee retention. Employee performance.

Healthcare is an important employee benefit. Oftentimes, traditional health insurance plans are cost prohibitive for businesses and their employees. Now, your company can offer medical benefits to your employees at a truly affordable price with minimal financial risk to your business. Calypso Concierge Medical offers a convenient medical insurance plan alternative that is practical and comprehensive for your employees. Corporate membership rates are an added employment benefit and allow your employees and their families the opportunity to avoid spending unnecessary time and money on healthcare visits and get back to what is important.



Dallas & Houston Areas

2617 Scripture Street
Suite 102
Denton, Texas 76201

5373 W Alabama Street
Suite 204
Houston, Texas 77056

☎ Phone

(940) 514-0045 Denton/Dallas/Houston

Monthly Pricing

- Single adult - $87.50 month
- Single child (under 21) - $61.50 month
- Couple - $164.20 month
- Family (+children under 21) - $226.00 month

Example Services

- Basic X-rays
- Routine Blood Work - CBC, CMP, HGB A1C, TSH T4
- Urinalysis, Lipid Panel, PSA, Testosterone

Comprehensive Family Healthcare

- Preventative care
- Convenient medical care for patients of all ages
- In-depth evaluations and treatment plans

Administrative & Documentation

- Handicap placard paperwork
- FMLA paperwork when applicable

Hours of Service

- 24-hour patient portal access to physician
- On-call services 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
- Office appointments starting at 7:00 AM
- Schedule a time for evaluation and treatment

Examples of In-Office Procedures

- Steroid joint injections
- Minor dermatology procedures
- Pap smears & well woman exams

Testosterone Pellets

- Women - $350 for one - $400 for more than one
- Men - $550 for one

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